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  Our employee is the most essential factor to build up a successful work. When it comes to such a complicated manufacture, the professional and reliable staff is definitely the key to represent our best quality.

   We have an integrated and non-stop training system to ensure our employee a progressive learning and then apply in practice. Everyone is welcome to give his best preformance in here with his own talent and skills.

  Principle of Recruitment and Promotion:
  Transparent and equal interview chance 
  Meritocracy standard
Fair promotion step by step


  The characters, educational background, working experience, and the potential are the main points we concern. We have always made a great effort to provide a path for our employees to achieve their career success and satisfaction. As the result, our staff and the company work together well and then both will have benefit.

  We make a proper structure according to our business strategy and adjust it in the different period. We offer technical and administrative position by advertising on the job board at all time to be sure that the suitable people are connected to our business goal. 

  The man power in our company has been developed a lot under our localization policy during these years, 98% employed between 700 people are local people nowadays. There are 18% of them that have worked more than 10 years while there are 28% that have worked from 5 to 10 years.

  In here, you can fly freely!
  In here, you can grow up creatively!
  In here, your career is full of possibility and challenge!

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