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Chairman of the Board Dr. Winston Wong:

   Doctor of Physics, Imperial College of London, England

    Masters of BA, Imperial College of London, England

    Master of Optics, Imperial College of London, England

    Chairman of the Board, Grace T.H.W. Group (China)

    Professor, Business School, UC Berkeley

    Professor & Dean, College of Engineering, Taiwan Changgeng University

A. Scale of operation and main products

    Nature of enterprise:Exclusively foreign-owned enterprise

    Foundation:September, 1995

    Capital amount:Registered capital: 40 million US Dollars

    Aggregate Investment: 0.15 billion US Dollars

    Number of staff:700

    Company scale:Annual capacity is 80,000 tons.

                            (The largest capacity for Rigid PVC film in the world as a single factory.)

    Business item: PVC rigid film, semi-rigid film, and metallized film.

                                Traditional products: vacuum forming grade, box grade, X’mas tree leaves, stationery grade,

                                                                      pharmaceutical packaging, food grade.

                                 High-end products: for flooring tile, building material, printing grade, metallized film,

                                                                     battery packaging film and streching film for drink bottle.

    Develop continuously: Oriented by client and market situation, extend PET、BOPS products.

     Market area: Eastern and southern part of China, USA, Europe, South-east Asia,

                            Australia, Middle East etc.,up to more than 30 countries. 


B. Supporting facility

    Main equipment:Word Top Quality,3.5M wide calenders from German KKA;
                                 Vacuum metallized machine from German Laybo;
                                   Printing processing equipment from Taiwan.

    Major raw material:Major raw material PVC resin and impact modifier are imported from

                                   Japan  Kaneka whose quality is known as optimal in the field.


C. Companys whole environment

    Various facilities of entertainment and relaxation in plant area: Basketball court, tennis court,

    football court,snooker room, table tennis room, badminton museum,reading room, Internet bar,

    fitness room, etc.

    There is a grocery shop ofen untillate for daily convenient needs;coach to the city center every
    Medical treatment and public health: Set up dispensary, diagnosed by expert.

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